160 mm reflector telescope
  • 160 mm reflector telescope
  • 160 mm reflector telescope
  • 160 mm reflector telescope
  • 160 mm reflector telescope
  • 160 mm reflector telescope
  • 160 mm reflector telescope

160 mm reflector telescope

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The Orbiter telescope is a highly praised device for observing stars, from a renowned manufacturer of optical equipment - OPTICON. If you are interested in Mars, Venus, Saturn and other planets and would like to take a closer look at them, the Orbiter will certainly allow you to do so. It does not take up much space, so you can comfortably conduct fascinating observations from your home.

What are the characteristics of the Opticon Orbiter telescope?

The Orbiter reflector is an optical equipment made of an eyepiece and a mirror. They are connected by a 130-cm tube, so the focal length of the telescope is 1300 mm. So it is quite a long telescope, but it is placed the tried and tested Dobson base. Thanks to this, it is easy to operate and the telescope takes up much less space than if it were attached to a regular tripod. The base is also durable and stable, which makes observations much easier. If you don't have enough space for a standard telescope at home, it's worth choosing the Opticon Orbiter with the Dobson base.

Reflector telescope for professionals

The Orbiter reflector telescope has a good quality optical system, thanks to which it is able to catch large amounts of light, and then show a bright and clear image of the object. The diameter of the telescope is 160 mm, making it quite a large piece of astronomical equipment that will work well in more complex observations. The stellar range of 13.1 magnitude and a magnification of 130x provide detailed and interesting images of the observed object. With the Orbiter telescope you can observe the surface of the moon or admire the rings of Saturn and the moons belonging to Jupiter. Observation of even more distant objects is also possible. With the Orbiter telescope you will also be able to observe distant star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

Additional accessories:

The telescope comes with all the essential tools necessary to observe the cosmos - such as the KF 25mm and PF 10mm eyepiece. The manufacturer has also added the Barlow lens that triples the magnification. This is not the only element that can be replaced in the telescope and thus affect its parameters. The device is compatible with components in the 1.25 "standard, so you can customize your telescope with more expensive parts.

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160 mm

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