135 mm reflector telescope with very stable dobsonian mount
  • 135 mm reflector telescope with very stable dobsonian mount
  • 135 mm reflector telescope with very stable dobsonian mount
  • 135 mm reflector telescope with very stable dobsonian mount
  • 135 mm reflector telescope with very stable dobsonian mount
  • 135 mm reflector telescope with very stable dobsonian mount
  • 135 mm reflector telescope with very stable dobsonian mount

135 mm reflector telescope with very stable dobsonian mount

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Stargaze is a reflector telescope, made for observing fascinating objects in our solar system, such as planets or the moon. It can be used at home thanks to it’ssmall dimensions, it will easily fit on the balcony or windowsill. If you are looking for equipment for more advanced space observations, then it is worth choosing an Opticon telescope.Opticon

Reflector telescope for demanding users

The Opticon Stargaze telescope is an optical equipment for those space enthusiasts who already have some experience in star observations. It is a little more difficult to operate than a refractor telescopes. A reflector telescope requires the appropriate settings so that you can look at a given object, which is why it is usually recommended to users who are more experienced with telescopes. Such users have more knowledge about searching for objects in the sky and how to properly set up their equipment to get the best results.

The Opticon Stargaze Telescope - characteristics

The optical system of the telescope is made up of an eyepiece and a mirror. The mirror diameter is 135 mm - so it is optimal for this type of telescope. It allows the observation of all the most interesting objects, while maintaining a relatively small size of the telescope. The equipment takes up little space because it is placed on a tried and tested, well-known Dobson mount. This setup has other advantages - it is stable and durable, and very easy to use. Thanks to it, you can watch space even from the window or balcony of your own home. This is a great solution for those of you who don't have the room for a full-sized telescope at their home.

The most important telescope parameters

The focal length of the telescope is 1100 mm, and the magnification is 110 x - the Opticon Stargaze will bring the object closer to you so that you can easily observe at the details of the planets and the surface of the Moon. It can also be expanded with additional accessories and use elements from larger and more expensive telescopes - the Stargaze is compatible with professional accessories in the 1.25" standard. Thanks to this, it is possible to modify the parameters of the telescope increasing its observation capabilities

Observe fascinating objects of the Solar System

With the Opticon Stargaze telescope, it’s possible to observe all the most interesting objects in our Solar System. You will be able to observe craters, seas and mountains on the moon, or the surface of Venus or Mars. Marvel at the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. And all this in the privacy of your own home. Stargaze will be its decoration and main attraction, thanks to which you will spend quality free time with your family and entertain friends during social meetings.

The Stargaze telescope and its accessories

Opticon Stargaze is ready for use right away. You don't have to buy additional elements, because the set with the telescope also includes very useful accessories. The Barlow lens enables you to increase the magnification even three times. If you apply it, the maximum theoretical magnification will be as much as 330 x. You also get not one eyepiece, but two interchangeable eyepieces - 25 mm KF and 10 mm PF. You will also get a map of the solar system, thanks to which you can easily locate a given object. The Opticon telescope is covered by a two-year warranty, and, like other Opticon devices, it has been tested and designed by professionals.

Together with the telescope, you will receive everything necessary to enter the fascinating world of astronomy: sky maps, computer programs, practical guides, a downloadable HD documentary film and a wonderful, richly illustrated book "Szlakiem gwiazd", written by experts for space lovers. Only now you'll also get an exclusive 3D gallery and 3D glasses.

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