Telescope rental in Vilnius


Rent an astronomical telescope, suitable for both first-time observers and experienced observers. We advise on what to observe and how to use it. You get everything you need right away - telescope, several eyepieces with different magnifications, stand with mount.

The telescope is a refractor lens type, so you can use it straight away without any adjustments or other procedures.

You will see spectacularly through it:

  • Craters of the Moon - and if you put your phone to the eyepiece, you'll take a photo of it!
  • Saturn's rings
  • Jupiter's satellites and belts
  • The phases of Venus
  • the binary star Albireo
  • The retinal
  • under dark skies you can try to find the Andromeda galaxy or the Orion nebula
  • other objects, also suitable for observing nature

Rental price

  • Day - €15
  • Weekend (Friday-Monday) - €20
  • Week - €25
  • Month - €40

A deposit of €100 is required at the time of pick-up. Pick up and return at Kareivių str. 19-145, Vilnius, working days 12-19. Reservations by phone 8 623 77715.